Can low testosterone cause weight gain

For pain, there’s no more successful pharmaceutical relief than opioids. As a cough suppressant, or for recovery from surgery, injury, or chronic pain, opioids are often the prescription of choice for doctors, and patients alike. Relief is not without consequences, however. For men taking long-acting opioids – meaning those taken every eight to 12 hours – the risk of developing low T is 5 times that of men who take their opioid pain meds every four hours. Even the short-term opioids can lower testosterone levels significantly

Saturated fat is one of the best sources of energy for your body. It’s why your body naturally stores carbohydrates as saturated fat. How can you argue with one of the most basic structures of how your body was intended to work? Saturated fats are also some of the most satiating foods, meaning they keep you fuller longer. Research even shows diets that are higher in saturated fats are oftentimes lower in total calories. And, as we alluded to already, saturated fats boost testosterone, which as we’ve already mentioned about a hundred times, is what makes you a man.

Almost all of the clinical trials studying TRT have been inconclusive or have not followed patients long-term, so this treatment option is still a bit experimental in practice, and the treatment should not be administered to anyone not deemed an exceptional candidate. Because of the serious nature of TRT, patients with less severe testosterone deficiencies may look into safer, alternative treatment options. Any man currently taking TRT needs to see their doctor regularly for checkups, and should report any medical issues immediately. In addition, prostate screenings are essential. 

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Can low testosterone cause weight gain

can low testosterone cause weight gain


can low testosterone cause weight gaincan low testosterone cause weight gaincan low testosterone cause weight gaincan low testosterone cause weight gaincan low testosterone cause weight gain