Cause of low testosterone level

Low testosterone can cause problems life fatigue , osteoporosis and erectile dysfunction. These specific problems need to be addressed. Osteoporosis risk can be decreased* with lifestyle and dietary changes. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help increase* bone mass. Also, you need sufficient intake of the bone building mineral calcium along with vitamin D which is important for calcium absorption. There are also natural ways to boost* testosterone production in the body like lifting weights and the use of testosterone boosting supplements . Studies have shown that losing excess weight can also increase* natural testosterone production in the body.

"I like probably many people on this forum had unusually low sex drive for several years, and kept getting told my T was "normal" consistently testing in the 320-330 range. i finally did research and discovered that is not at all normal for someone in their 30s who is otherwise very healthy and who lifts heavy weights 3-4x/week. so i went to an endo and got complete tests w/pituitary MRI done and he agreed my T was low. he asked what treatment options i was interested in, and i said HCG looked interesting to me because i still wanted to have children. he said there is also low dose Clomid to consider. when i went back for results he said i had "abnormally normal" LH levels, in other words that i should have a natural pituitary response to produce more LH given my testosterone levels and that was not occurring. otherwise my system was functioning fine. he even diagnosed me with HH as a result. (i also have a weak but not nonexistent sense of smell, and my belief is that i have a milder form of Kallmann Syndrome, as although i went through puberty on time, i never grew much bodily hair and was a very scrawny kid until i hit the weights hard in my 20s. i think it doesn't get called Kallmann by the medical profession because it is rare and doesn't get diagnosed since puberty occurs)". [16]

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Cause of low testosterone level

cause of low testosterone level


cause of low testosterone levelcause of low testosterone levelcause of low testosterone levelcause of low testosterone levelcause of low testosterone level