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Before trying, I was thinking how a woman on earth can wear Prada Intense as I find Prada EDP very hard to pull off. I like it but if you are not into spicy / herbal / woody types, it is really difficult feel comfortable in Prada EDP. Anyway I gave a try to Prada Intense and I was pleasantly surprised. You can definitely feel that patchouli and vanilla is amplified in this (but not too much) and it feels to me that some spicy and resinious edges of Prada EDP have been softened. I always thought that Prada EDP is incomplete and something is missing and when I wear Prada Intense, I said, "yes, it's done now"
It is stronger on the patchouli side, warmer, sweeter than original, but still close to skin and wraps you well... This should be a part of my wardrobe when I want to wear something different from mass market productions.

I have been raising chickens for years since I was a kid, I am also a Owner/moderator of a Chicken group with over 3000 members and I have never heard of this being a problem with any of my members, my own family has always fed them the egg shells & the eggs are just as healthy as any store bought…better….. I can’t agree on the cannibalism theory that they will turn if you feed them egg shells, they may turn for other reason’s like living in small quarters, no place to roam, trying to get away from the hen pecking order, or new feathers coming out mistaken it for food are just some of the theory’s on why they will eat their own. Chickens are omnivores and want the protein & will eat anything slower, smaller & weaker then them if they can catch it.

I found myself an authentic 100ml for a good price, and I'm sure it's the most recent formula.

Legendary? Um.... this is pretty basic. It's pretty, perfumey, but average at best. No character, no "wow" factor... it doesn't even smell old fashioned or dated-- it's just.... meh? I get a very sharp rose up close, but the sillage radiates as sweet and powdery... but sillage is not bomb-tastic or even that potent. I wanted a bit of vintage musk/aldehydes.... and I get neither? I understand reformulations and whatnot... but the vintage magic of this is gone I'm assuming? I def get no moss/vetiver/patchouli/bourbon vanilla. Don't get me wrong, what I smell is light and pleasing... it's just boring IMO. It lasted all night on my shirt, but sillage is low and again... the smell is nothing distinctive. (I used about 8 sprays during the evening from 6-9pm)

I'm pretty disappointed. I adore vintage Guerlains, so Chanel No. 5 was the next blind buy for me. I was expecting something strong and vintage like Mitsouko. Not the same smell per se... but I find Mit to smell very old (in a good way). I remember smelling No. 5 as a teen and thinking it was an old lady smell. Now, I love "antique" smells. ;)

I did however, grab a full oz of the vintage cologne. Haha. But after that, I'm done with Chanel No. 5

OK- I have a vintage No. 5 Cologne, and to me-- that and the EDP have nothing in common. The EDP is very very sharp rose... the cologne is more layered/blended and has that antique character I was looking for.

Decanted diva

decanted diva


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