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Further, intelligent stowage options are available on the floor and under the bench seat. Luggage and personal accessories can be secured under blue rubber tightening straps.
A large number of digital surfaces both inside and outside allow a new level of communication between human and automobile with regard to all aspects of autonomous driving and car sharing. The vehicle’s colours and screens adapt to its customers, offering a private sanctuary in the bustling city. The user is thus also given the possibility to personalise the vehicle and adapt it to their needs.

Research shows that personality, circadian rhythms, and stimulants interact to affect performance. People who are agreeable and conscientious, for example, are likely to be better test takers in the morning and so should avoid caffeine at that time, when they’re naturally firing on all cylinders. The reverse is true for extroverted, creative people: They may need coffee to perform well in the morning but can be hindered by it in the afternoon, when they’re already at their best. So if you have any control over when you take a test, choose wisely. Consider what time of day you are most focused and be careful about the food and drink you consume.

Eq 2 profiles

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