Eq character profile

You can fill in a biography on your character by right clicking on his picture (or /conning yourself).  When others examine you they will be able to read your biography.  This is a good time to start to role play your character.  Think of some basic information that will help you define your character's personality, and put it in.  Is he going to be Good? Evil? Selfish? Uptight? Stingy? Generous? Helpful?  Adding a personality to your character will really help you get into the game, and it doesn't have to be your real personality.  I would add that if you plan to play an evil selfish player, be prepared to have difficulty grouping.  The servers are small enough that reputations are earned and spread among the other players.

Eq character profile

eq character profile


eq character profileeq character profileeq character profileeq character profileeq character profile