Equinox eq 300

The 2016 Equinox, despite its age, remains a decent choice among mainstream two-row crossovers because of its roomy interior and the available 301-hp V-6. In a 2013 First Drive, we said that the addition of the more powerful engine makes it the better choice because it’s able to haul the crossover with ease while the standard Dual Flow Dampers give it a better ride and handling balance. The -liter I-4 equipped on the base Equinox, however, is a weak point because struggles to power the crossover especially when it’s loaded with people or cargo.

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My wife and I bought a 2012 LT late last February. In the entirety of the 15,200 miles since then, I haven’t even had to put more air in the tires. We had 0 problems. That is, until yesterday. Two days ago, it was perfectly fine, but yesterday we took it out to run errands, and the transmission started acting up. It didn’t seem to want to leave 1st gear. It got worse over the next 30 seconds, and eventually we pulled over. After that, no matter what gear or whether it was in auto or manual, forward or reverse, the car would go nowhere. It started and ran just fine, but the transmission wouldn’t catch. We had it towed and it is currently being serviced. I can only hope these problems out of the blue don’t lead to some of the horror stories I’ve read recently as I’ve been researching Equinox issues and recalls. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

Equinox eq 300

equinox eq 300


equinox eq 300equinox eq 300equinox eq 300equinox eq 300equinox eq 300