Equipois x-ar

The arm is conceptually simple. Just slip your forearm into the arm (which is anchored to the floor or a table), turn it on, and the system supports the weight of your arm as well as any "small objects" in your hand (so don't expect to be lifting furniture with this). From the company's demo video (shown below), which shows wearers using the x-Ar to perform such incredible feats as moving a hammer from one side of a desk to the other and lifting a fork full of rice curry, it's clear the x-Ar is intended to be used as a fatigue reducer rather than a strength augmenter. A rep from Equipois told PCMag that the arm supprts up to 15 pounds of weight.

The technology driving both the zeroG and x-Ar product lines was invented by Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam® camera stabilization system. The Steadicam revolutionized the movie and television industries by allowing camera operators to achieve shots never thought possible. Equipois believes that the x-Ar will change the way people work in a broad range of industries, from manufacturing to health care to bioresearch. The company also has versions under development to help disabled persons control their arms and legs, enabling them to perform basic life tasks.

Equipois x-ar

equipois x-ar


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