Equipoise geology

As part of the initial licence entry, the Company purchased 10,000km 2 of 2D seismic data over its Senegal Licences and compiled an extensive regional database. In addition, in May 2012, the Company completed a 3,600km 2 3D seismic acquisition over the SOSP licence block. In the ROP block an existing seismic dataset (2007 vintage) covering 1,800km 2 was purchased from Petrosen. This base dataset was reprocessed with the final product delivered in Q4 2014. 2D seismic data was also reprocessed to enable better regional well ties and geological understanding. Several large Cretaceous turbidite fan ‘leads’ have already been identified, these have been matured to prospects as the reprocessed data has been evaluated and included in the updated ERC Equipoise letter released in March 2015. The independently assessed leads and prospects estimates the net unrisked mean prospective oil resources at 1,779MMStb.

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Equipoise geology

equipoise geology


equipoise geologyequipoise geology