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This obsession has become so common that Dr. Pope has come up with a term for it: Adonis Complex. What fuels it, he says, are the ridiculously outsized bodies purveyed by Hollywood, magazine covers, and even action-toy manufacturers (just check out the size of . Joe these days). "One of the biggest lies being handed to American men today is that you can somehow attain by natural means the huge shoulders and pectorals of the biggest men in the magazines," says Dr. Pope. "Generations of young men are working hard in the gym and wondering what on earth they're doing wrong. They don't realize that the 'hypermale' look that's so prevalent these days is essentially unattainable without steroids."

Advances in neonatal research demonstrate that newborns experience pain and that controlling pain has short- and long-term benefits for all newborns [ 1-3 ]. Professional bodies and parent groups expect health care providers to prevent infants from experiencing pain [ 4-6 ]. Varying degrees of neonatal discomfort or pain may occur during routine patient care (eg, gavage tube placement, bladder catheterization, or physical examination) [ 7 ], moderately invasive procedures (eg, suctioning, phlebotomy, or peripheral intravenous [IV] access), or more invasive procedures (eg, chest tube placement, circumcision, or central venous access). Pain is most common and intense in infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Infants admitted to the NICU frequently experience acute pain from skin-breaking procedures, established pain following surgery, and prolonged (chronic) pain from diseases like necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) or epidermolysis bullosa. However, despite ongoing efforts, there remains no consistent definition for prolonged or chronic pain in newborn infants [ 8,9 ]. In part due to the lack of consensus regarding the definition of persistent neonatal pain, it appears that only 10 percent of neonates received daily assessments for prolonged continuous pain in the NICU [ 10 ]. (See "Assessment of neonatal pain" .)

Equipoise needle size

equipoise needle size


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