Glyceryl mono undecylenate

Copper Chloride
Fluoro Chemicals
Acrylamide Crystal
Sodium Percabonate
Amines (MEA,DEA, TEA)
Tripolyphosphine (TPP)
Trimellitic anhydride (TMA)
Trimethylolpropane (TMP)
Phosphorous acid 99%
Epoxy Resins liquid and solid
Light Stabilizer 622,944,770,789
Zinc Chloride and Zinc oxide
Pentaerythritol 98% , 95%, 92%
Magnesium pure /Magnesium alloy
Organic Phosphonates : HEDP, PBTC, ATMP
UV-Absorber : 234, 320, 325,326,327,328,329
Persulphates (Sodium , Ammonium, Potassium)
Flame retardents : Aluminium Hydroxide, DBDPO, BPS, HBCD
Titanium Dioxide Rutile & Anatase (sulphonation process)
Antioxidiants for the plastics industry : 1010, 1076,168,3114, E201,626

Produced commercially from animal and human hair (and feathers). When produced from animal hair it is almost certain that all L-cysteine is taken from slaughtered animals. When human hair is used it is often sourced from women in third-world countries. L-cysteine is used as an additive in around 5% of bread and other bakery products. It is not used in wholemeal bread or other wholemeal bakery products.

Glyceryl mono undecylenate

glyceryl mono undecylenate


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