How to treat low testosterone

Summary of supplements and recommendations to lower histamine while treating undermethylation:

·    Take methionine (500mg-1gm) and SAMe (200mg) supplements
·    DAO diamine oxidase enzymes 2-3 caps
·    Probiotics B infantis, B longum, L plantarum
·    Vitamin C 1000 mg
·    B6 (can also increase histamine carboxylase)
·    Avoid lectin in diet – potatoes and tomatoes
·    Avoid fermented foods
·    Increase proteins high in methionine
·    Use Cromolyn – OTC mast cell stabilizer
·    Bendryl
·    Bromelain and Quercitin
·    Chocamine 1-3 grams – mast cell stabilizer
·    Improve adrenals with herbal and glandular supplements
·    Curcumin (also decreases DAO)
·    NAC N-acetyl cysteine
·    Catechins (green tea etc)

Classic gallbladder symptoms were identified in 61 patients and an atypical presentation occurred in 32 patients. The EF with CCK stimulation was not significantly different between the groups (19+/-9% vs. 16+/-7%, P=). Of those with atypical symptoms, 28% (9 out of 32) had resolution of their symptoms without surgery. About 72% (23 out of 32) had worsening or progressive symptoms that did not resolve during observation, and later underwent surgery. Of these, 57% (13 out of 23) had resolution of their symptoms after surgery, but 43% (10 out of 23) had no improvement. Of those with classic symptoms, 60 patients underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy with resolution of symptoms in 58 (97%). Patients with classic symptoms were 22 times more likely to have relief after cholecystectomy (odds ratio , P=). Eight patients had their symptoms recur more than 1 year after surgery (3 atypical and 5 classic) such that at long-term follow-up, cholecystectomy had helped only 43% of the atypical patients and 88% of the classic patients.

How to treat low testosterone

how to treat low testosterone


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