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It’s heart wrenching to hear stories like yours. To lend some insight, I have most of my patients on estrogen blockers as well. This is something that I find necessary even though we replace to the normal range only. We recommend against GHRP-6 and all growth hormone treatment, so I cant’ speak directly to that. His testosterone dose is higher than what I would start a patient at, but it’s not exorbitant. That, however, is only part of the picture. Proper dosing is dependent upon the observation of how a patient reacts to a dose over time. So, that dose could be entirely too high for him even though I would say it is on the spectrum of normal dosing in general.

Hello, I have been dealing and feeling anxiety since I was 6 yrs old. Being a child that age you know nothing about anxiety and its symptoms. I am now 46 and its only been a few years that I found out what this spacey, anxious, nervous feeling was. Ive read almost every pamphlet and booklet out there concerning anxiety and depression, I have even had personal courses in dealing with anxiety and depressioin. I know and have felt every symptom many people have felt being headaches, nausea, joint pain, dizziness, vomiting,bloating you name it, been there done that. Dont feel discouraged and dont give up, I admit in giving up more than once and feeling like Im the only being on this planet that feels this way, but that is not so, we are very inteligent and perfectionist people. Focus in the present and enjoy it, theres 2 things we cannot change, the past and the future, but we can change the present. we tend to be negative thinkers which creates even more anxiety, but remember its only a thought not a fact. We take things to the extremes and all that “what if” thinking just makes us exhausted and feel like we’re losing our mind but its only our mind going into a break so to say when we have a million things going on up there. We internalize all that energy instead of letting it out for something creative and exciting. I can guarantee you that you will not lose your mind by feeling anxious, look how far Ive come and sometimes I even laugh about the way I feel. I do get frustrated and maybe angry once in a while, we are human and we deserve to feel good or at least normal right? I hope my posting and experiences help people like myself dealing with this, remember its a disorder not an illness, best of luck and God Bless Everyone.

Natural testostrone

natural testostrone


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