Should men take testosterone

While most people experience few problems with the oil, potential side effects include headache, nausea and stomach upset, according to WebMD. It also can cause problems when used with prescription medications. Primrose oil increases the risk of bleeding when used with anticoagulant medication. With certain drugs for psychotic disorders, it causes serious nausea, vomiting and increases the risk of seizures. The supplement potentially lowers blood pressure and interacts with depression medication. Because of a potential problem with anesthesia, surgery patients should discuss use of this supplement with their doctor before their procedure, WebMD cautions.

What I need to do more of:
– Do more regardless of whether I ‘get it wrong’. (If I feel unjustly convicted then we need to discuss it to agree on what the ‘right’ way of doing something is.)
– Do not allow her to ‘fix’ things I have done, (either I ‘fix’ it or we agree it is not broken)
– Try first but be prepared to make an effort to seek advice or help in case there is a better way of doing things.
– Be prepared to explain without being defensive

Should men take testosterone

should men take testosterone


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