Sus and eq cycle results

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The Repetition feature (shorts only) is a convenient tool for executing parts that ‘chug’ along in strict tempo-sync’ed time, with three time-base options: 1/8th, 1/8th triplet, or 1/16th. There’s also a choice of three preset accent patterns or no accents — the latter allowing you to ‘ride’ your own accents on the mod wheel. The Repetition tool works effectively enough for the staccato and spiccato shorts, but is perhaps less successful on (or likely to be scored for) the pizzicatos. I do miss not having a marcato articulation for the violins, violas and cellos. However, a similar effect can be achieved by layering staccatos and legato sustains onto the same keyswitch.

Sus and eq cycle results

sus and eq cycle results


sus and eq cycle resultssus and eq cycle resultssus and eq cycle resultssus and eq cycle resultssus and eq cycle results