Symptoms of testosterone

When testosterone levels in a man become low, he may start to experience various unpleasant symptoms, since this hormone is responsible for the maintenance of several functions in his body. Learning what the symptoms are, what causes the condition and how it can be treated helps men identify the signs of low T early on; thus ensuring* their condition can be treated quickly and more successfully, since a late diagnosis might mean the man will need a considerable amount of testosterone therapy to produce effective results when trying to restore his testosterone levels.

Numerous studies over the last ten years have all found that men with lower levels of testosterone were all more likely to be depressed than men with normal levels. Even men with levels on the borderline of being low carry a risk of being depressed. The most worrying thing is that if the levels are significantly lower than usual the risk of being depressed can be up to three times as much as a man with normal testosterone levels. If you are feeling depressed, and especially if you are an older man, ask your doctor to check your testosterone levels, while the problems might be deeper rooted than this, it could be as simple as you have low testosterone levels and the doctor may be able to help.

Symptoms of testosterone

symptoms of testosterone


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