Hydratron manufactures a comprehensive range of Air Driven Gas Boosters capable of developing Gas pressures up to 21,000psi (1448bar). Their compact size, minimal weight and ability to operate in many environments gives them a broad appeal in a wide range of duties, including mobile, fixed and offshore installations. Hydratron’s Gas Booster pumps are designed to boost bottled or constant supply gases such as air, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen*, methane* and many other Gases up to higher pressures. They can be used for pressure testing or for pre-charging accumulators and down hole tools. 

Improved coverage – Get more bars for voice and data in your home or office. No monthly fees – Use the minutes and data from your existing wireless plan. Increased security – You control who accesses your MicroCell. Simple management – Device settings are online and at your fingertips. *Wi-Fi is the optimal solution for home mobile data use, and doesn't count against your mobile data usage bucket. Visit /wifiaccess  for tips on setting up and using Wi-Fi. When using 3G data services through your MicroCell instead of Wi-Fi, standard data rates apply. MicroCell operation requires an AT&T 3G or 4G wireless device and Internet access service of at least downstream/256Kbps upstream. Device not compatible with satellite broadband services. Not intended for sale or use in homes or areas with strong wireless signal strength. Strong wireless signal strength may adversely affect MicroCell performance. For use with AT&T wireless devices only; not compatible with other wireless systems. Usage generated by MicroCell counts toward your wireless data usage plan limit and may be subject to applicable charges from your ISP. The maximum coverage of the AT&T MicroCell is approximately 40 feet. Actual coverage will be limited by the density of obstructions. Calls will transfer to a cell tower if you leave the MicroCell coverage area, but calls may drop if you return to the MicroCell coverage area. See AT&T MicroCell Service Agreement/Terms and Conditions for a full list of terms and conditions.


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