Testoserone booster

Christine, I’m so sorry you are going through this experience. We always and only recommend physiological dosing of hormones and we always start with progesterone. Since you have had a hysterectomy, you will also need estrogen, and down the road, maybe testosterone. But we always check hormone levels (not using blood serum) to determine exactly what hormones and what dosing your body needs. Pellets take at least 3 months to wear off, before getting levels checked. Why don’t you go to my website, click on “Begin Your Journey,” scroll down to the bottom where it says “type in your zip code here.” Up wil pop a list of drs who work with bhrt in your area. You will need to call those dr offices and ask if that dr works with compounding labs on personalized bhrt for his patients. When you find a dr, email me at lyn@ and I can direct your next step. When you find a dr, we can work with you over the phone to guide your next steps. Hope this info helps! Hang in there!

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the male testes. During a boy's pubescent years (ages 9 to 14), there is an increase in production that leads to male secondary sexual characteristics such as a deeper voice, more muscle mass, facial hair growth and enlargement of the Adam's apple (among others). Some teenage boys experience these puberty changes at later ages than others. The timing of puberty is often genetically determined (through heredity), but other factors can play a role in delaying it, such as poor nutrition, physical trauma and certain diseases. Stimulating testosterone production naturally is possible in teen boys, although in rare cases hormone therapy may be needed to trigger and complete puberty.

Your cells are made of fat and cholesterol, and lowering either in the diet is like replacing the bricks you are building a house with with jell-o blocks. Scientists found that when fed diets of either saturated fats or unsaturated, the unsaturated group had very flimsy, easily penetrated cells – which means the test subjects could easily get sick even from harmless ‘pathogens’. Saturated fats make strong, resilient cells because the hydrogen bonds are saturated, or full, and thus it is solid but flexible enough to not cause problems. Polyunsaturates cause DNA and cell damage, leading to a possibility of cancer and other diseases. You will not find any of these fats isolated in nature. Poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids need saturated in order to be stable, and some solid fats actually contain more unsaturated fats than saturated in comparison to some plant oils, believe it or not.

Testoserone booster

testoserone booster


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