Testosterone levels meaning

Eat more flax seed: A widely known health food and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds are compounds called lignans that mimic estrogen in the body. This substance also has the ability to reduce total and free testosterone levels in the body while also suppressing the conversion of testosterone into the more potent dihydrotestosterone. Flax seeds have three times more estrogen-like hormones than soybeans do. It is important to keep in mind that flax seeds need to be ground up into a fine powder to be able to utilize the beneficial effects, or else their hard shell will prevent their absorption in the gut.

If a young man's low testosterone is a problem for a couple trying to get pregnant , gonadotropin injections may be an option in some cases. These are hormones that signal the body to produce more testosterone. This may increase the sperm count. Hedges also describes implantable testosterone pellets, a relatively new form of treatment in which several pellets are placed under the skin of the buttocks, where they release testosterone over the course of about three to four months. Injections and nasal gels may be other options for some men.

Getting enough sleep is a good exercise that boosts testosterone levels. Not only does the sleep recover you from the training, but also it facilitates hormones responsible for building muscles such as growth hormones and testosterone high. Enough sleep gives you enough energy and higher hormone levels vital for muscle building. Having sex regularly once in a week in a week is a good exercise that boosts testosterone. Regular ejaculation boosts testosterone levels in your body, which in turn works on the endocrine system, aiding to maintaining it primed.

Testosterone levels meaning

testosterone levels meaning


testosterone levels meaningtestosterone levels meaningtestosterone levels meaningtestosterone levels meaningtestosterone levels meaning