Where can you get testosterone

For conception to occur in any species which uses sexual reproduction, human or otherwise, two gametes have to meet under favorable conditions. One important requirement for conception to occur is that the two gametes need to contain the same amount of chromosomes. In most animals, humans included, the two gametes must compose of one from a male and one from a female. These gametes in males are called sperm, and in females, ovum. Sperm is continuously produced by the male’s body throughout his life after puberty, but in females the ovum are stored in ovaries and only released once every twenty-eight days. During that twenty-eight day period, it is most common for the female to become pregnant when the ovum is released from the ovaries during the woman’s menstrual period.

Often times it is not how strong you are when you are fresh but how strong you remain once you become winded and have expended a lot of energy that determines the outcome. In a martial arts or fighting context, “enduring strength” is a very important skill. Maximal strength is very important as well, but the well rounded fighter must be prepared to deliver multiple strikes in combinations. This requires tremendous strength/endurance. Kettlebell high repetition snatches, for example, develops a strong work capacity and anaerobic threshold.

Where can you get testosterone

where can you get testosterone


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