Why men need testosterone

How can you minimize the wait time? You can’t really control (or predict) it. But there's one thing both docs agree helps speed up your time between innings: increasing arousal. “In especially exciting circumstances, all bets are off, and men may surprise themselves with how quickly their erection returns and their ability to have orgasms in relatively rapid succession,” Morgentaler says. (Some ideas to spice things up: Rent a hotel room instead of having sex at home, have morning sex instead of at night, or buy some lingerie—even small efforts to add novelty may be enough for excitement overpower your systems, Morgentaler adds.)

So, how does one ensure that testosterone levels remain in balance? Some doctors suggest that monitoring testosterone levels every five years, starting at age 35, is a reasonable strategy to follow. If the testosterone level falls too low or if the individual has the signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels described above, testosterone therapy can be considered. However, once testosterone therapy is initiated, testosterone levels should be closely monitored to make sure that the testosterone level does not become too high, as this may cause stress on the individual, and high testosterone levels may result in some of the negative problems (described previously) seen.

Why men need testosterone

why men need testosterone


why men need testosteronewhy men need testosteronewhy men need testosteronewhy men need testosteronewhy men need testosterone